Sunday, July 10, 2005


Week in Review

Howdy y'all!

Not much to say today, cept I hope they find the POS's that bombed the bus and subway in London, that I wish our troops could come home and that we'd learn how to mind our own business, and take care of our own in our OWN country, and that the price of gas would drop considerably, this is no time to own an SUV, jesus.

To My Miscom buds, keep on crankin' out good shows, and I hope that I could be a guest host sometime, and it was great to meet Grubes at Ticket Fight Night Out last week,, and Happy Belated Birthday.

Have to travel lots for work this week, to San Jose, CA, Vegas, LA, and back, then off to New York on Friday through the 20th of July on a vacation of sorts with the wife and squids.

Have a great week!


Where's the update in this bitch?

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