Friday, July 01, 2005


Pimpin' N DFW

Yet another blog site to chit-chat about stuff in D/FW, 1310 The Ticket, My new buds at (geniuses at being REAL funny) (how's that Walt?), and other B.S. in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, be safe and sane, well at least safe.
Hey Jon, Thanks for linking us up on your blog. Here's to a good blog and blogging and blog related stuff to you good sir

WTF? Semi?
Sorry Walt, Ceepe, Paul, Grubes, the post has been dutifully updated, no more "semi"

Better. But I'm still in a huff. *pout*
don't pout Walt, Y'all know I luv ya.
Dont worry about Walt. he just gets cranky when he doesnt have his Juice Box and Grahm Crackers.
well, if he's cranky, he can grab a mat from the corner and go nite nite for a little while, then it'll be snack time
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